Brooklyn Ford RS1600i Touring car winner 1985

Graham (der Besitzer des Autos) hat die folgende Geschichte zum Auto geschrieben:

Brooklyn Ford are based in the Midlands in the UK, their main offices are in Redditch which is near Birmingham, Brooklyn involvement with Motor sports go back to 1972 with Mk1 Escort in the Mexico Championship with their driver Russell Brookes. This Brooklyn sponsored for 3 years, Then in 1983 with the debut of the Mk 3 Escort Brooklyn were approached to set up a 'Works team' with the new front wheel drive Escort and it was going to be the RS1600i, The first car was an early shell car and their first driver was an up and coming touring car star who was driving for Toyota, Chris Hodgetts, With medium success in 1983, Brooklyn were given a sponsorship deal with Ford to build a new car for 84 season and Chris's old car was to go to another Brooklyn driver John Morris, Both drivers campaigned well in 1984 with not to many non finishers, but by the end of 1984 it was clear that 1985 would be the year for Brooklyn, Chris's car was always No 69 and John's car was 79, The engineers involved in the build and set up of the Brooklyn Escorts were Tony Hunt (Now retired) Tim Hill (Managing Director of Brooklyn Ford) and Dave Lampitt from SPECFEB who undertook set up and specialist fabrication, and Nick Banham who prepared the shells (seam welding , reinforcing ,roll cage ect. ) Nick's initials were welded on the floor pan of his cars. The colour scheme was designed by Tim Hill, all Ford colours! The difference being this car had the angle of the stripes going opposite to the other cars.
With the start of 1985 being very good for Chris and John, disaster struck when Chris's was pushed of the track at Thruxton by Barry Sheen (Motorbike fame) the car was written off. This was mid season, Ford gave Brooklyn another shell and in 6 weeks Chris had a new car ( this one) in the mean time John drove the first car and Chris drove Johns 79 car, this new car had a new more powerful engine which was supplied by Jim Whitehouse of Arden Conversions, and is the same engine in the car now.
With Chris returning to his original 69 car he eventually won group A Touring class in the TRIMOCO Challenge, The car had suffered no mechanical failures and no damage for the rest of that year. Thus beating the Datapost team by a good margin.
The car has been restored and has been faithfully returned as it was in 1985 even down to the seatbelts!
In 1986 Chris and John went there separate ways, Chris went back to Toyota and John went to Volkswagen, Paul Taft then took over Chris's car, the 79 car I have been told was damaged during a race early in 86 and was broken therefore is no longer, Brooklyn did build another RS1600i and a driver by the name of Alex Moss, this was all white and eventually was made into a rally car by Tim Hill and driven by him, the whereabouts now are not known. Paul again drove the car during 86 for Brooklyn and became second in class, the car only had minimal damage in Paul's time. Brooklyn with drew its involvement with the Escorts and went on to Rally Serriars in the form of RS500's, and both of these cars still exist to day, and came to light at this years RS National Day. No 69 car was sold at the end of 86 for £25000 with loads of spares, which were possibly from the sister car 79, It was sold to a privateer, AJG Transport, the owner was an Alan J Gaunt based in High Wickham, Buckinghamshire, he had two drivers Mark Skeet and Mark Goddard, he had the car for just over two years, not much is known on the activity of the car during this time but during AJG time the decals were removed and the light blue strip was repainted red. Thus the car lost its identity as a Brooklyn car and of course 69! AJG sold the car at the end of 88 at an auction at Silverstone with a blown engine but all the spares still remained, the car was purchased out of auction for a sum of £4800 to a Pete Briers, who was another privateer and was going to use the car in completive sprit again. Pete had the engine rebuilt by Richard Longman (DATAPOST fame) but the injection system was replaced with 4 45 carburettors, This proved a very strong engine as through out Pete's time it did not let him down, Pete campaigned the car for at least 6 years, doing events such a Fast Ford challenge and the Vectra challenge, with good success, The car was up dated by Pete by fitting a steel roll cage but keeping the original (more on that later) Pete only had one major shunt with the car, when a hub nut let go and the front suspension NS and as a consequence the car had a hard shunt in the crash barriers at Donington, Pete was OK but the car looked very sorry, Pete's business was crash repairs, and to a man of his skill the car was straightened and repaired correctly, and lived for further races, the only thing different after the shunt was the brakes on the front were subututed for series 2 turbo callipers and discs, but the original Disc and callipers were kept. In the mid 90ies Pete did not use the car very often and from 95 to 96 only used it for a hill climb and sprint event, and late 96 decided to sell it, Trying different methods to sell it until 2001 successfully, In 2001 Pete placed an advert in the magazine 'Fast Ford ' and a chap called Russell Driver looked at the car and purchased the car for £3000, Russell is a very good friend of mine and he soon told me of his latest purchase, I immediately went to his place to view the car, it was love at first sight, for me as it was clear it was a REAL racing RSi but unknown to us exactly which car it might be! Russ sold the car to me in April 2004 and I immediacy started work to find its history.
My first port of call was its previous owner Pete, He told me a lot of history of his time with the car and has since given me all his track times and photos of the car, also interesting facts such as the roll cage, as when he removed it, he put the complete cage on top of his shed where it stayed for ten years, also if Russ did not buy the car he was going to brake it, as Russ was the only person to even ring on it let alone view the car.
I had also approached Brooklyn telling them of the car, it was received with some what reservation from Brooklyn, but by my constant phone calls and emails they eventually suggested that the only way they would confirm it was one of their cars was for me to take it to them, Which we did, Russ came with me to Brooklyn with the car on the trailer. When we met Tim Hill he looked at the car then disappeared only to return saying that someone else was coming to look at the car, This other person was Tony Hunt, the original technician that built and maintained the car and now retired, He looked at the car and soon found the NB welded on the floor pan, and both Tim and Tony confirmed it was one of their cars, this was the first time the car had come to light for 17 years and was thought to be no more! Upon further investigations and comparing photos that Tim had found from the 1984 to 86 campaigned it soon came to light it was the 69 car of late 85 and the same car that Chris won group A.
Tony unknown to me at the time brought an original 1986 calendar which Brooklyn had printed depicting the 69 and 79 cars from 1985, also original set up data on the car written by Tony in 1984 to 86 which he presented to me and told me I could keep, This calendar was going to be the most important piece of information for the restoration of the car, Tim Hill also lend me his scrap book of pictures of the racing Mk 3's Which I have since copied and there is 200+ pictures of the cars racing, in the pits, with drivers and pit crew from all around the country. Tim also wrote a certificate to confirm the orthensitity of the car.

So Christmas 2004 I started work to restore the car to its original specification of September 1985, revelent as this is when Chris Hodgetts won the title. My criteria were to have the car ready for the RS National Day 2005 when I wanted Chris Hodgetts to drive it again. On 21 August 2005 at Donnington Park He did!

Wheels are split rims and are 7 inches wide on the rear and 8.5 inches on the front, made by Compomotive and are 15 inches diameter, the gear box has a 90 percent LSD with the final drive being 3.9:1, the current spring poundage is 1000 on the rear and 350 on the front, in the spares there are 16 sets ranging from 250 lbs to 1200 lbs for both front and rear, 16 wheels with different rims (offset), 12 suspension struts (LEDA) recently I have found another Brooklyn gearbox, and engine in bits. With the car came many different brake pads all Ferodo.

To drive is very hard work, the steering is heavy and turning is difficult even when moving, the steering rack is close ratio and has been mounted higher up the bulkhead, the engine also sits higher in the engine bay, as the drive shafts slope up wards to wards the wheels. The engine should rev to 8k but at this moment of time it isn't certain what it revs to as the rev counter doesn't work, also Andy Fisher at Brooklyn run out of time to dyno the engine so to be on the safe side it has been set on the rich side, In 1985 the engine was outputting 162 bhp, there are also two cams in the spares both very different profiles., with the side exit exhaust which is under the drivers seat it is noisy about 108 db.

After Chris drove it was smooth but when I drove it soon became lumpy as the plugs soon oil up.

The car from Christmas 04 to 09 07 05 where I took the car back to Brooklyn for setting up, was completely stripped, every nut and bolt, every component was removed and refurbished, and reassembled was done by myself on my own, only help was with the shell repairing and painting was done by someone else, IT WAS A REAL PLEASERE IN DOING!!! The car is now 99% as it was back in October 1985 when Chris Hodgetts won the title. The future for the car in 2008 is very good as Dunlop have expressed an interest to have Chris Hodgetts drive it on track and some of the BTCC events throughout the country, as 2008 is the 50th anniversary of British Touring Car Racing..

Some acknowledgements - and web site links - from Graham:
Brooklyn Ford Redditch - Tim Hill, Geog Foster, Andy Fisher, Roger Pitts, James Guy,
Lifeline fire systems - Jim Morris and his Dad John Morris (Former Driver to Brooklyn)
LEDA Suspension - John Stubs,
AP Racing,
Lasable- for the graphics, (Mark and Duncan)

Pete Briers - Former keeper and saved everything!!
Paul Taft- former Brooklyn Driver,
Tony Hunt- for the inspiration to restore the car.
Dave Lampett- former technician on the car design.
Chris Hodgetts- for putting up with my many phone calls and of course driving the car again.
Barry and Chris- who helped me prepared and paint the shell.
Tony Fuller- the Ford RS1600i registrar in the UK (RSOC).

Watch a short video of the Brooklyn RSI in Silverstone at Ford Fair 2006:

The following pictures are as the car is now: